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Ventura, CA

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Love Adventure Subaru was created by adventure seekers, athletes, pet lovers, outdoor activists, and Subaru enthusiasts. 

Love Adventure Subaru was born on the road. It all began with a 3-month road trip zig-zagging around the USA. We camped in a very no-thrills tent, hit up as many National Parks as possible, with the ultimate goal of relocating from the Green Mountain State of Vermont to the Golden Coast of California. As we traveled we met fellow Subie drivers. Random happy conversations sparked up at gas stations, grocery stores, and campgrounds and we wanted to keep that conversation going. The more people we talked to, the more we discovered about the incredible Subaru community and lifestyle. We wanted to build a platform where we could share what we and others learn along the way, and with that came Love Adventure Subaru... because every Subie loves an adventure! ;-)

Featured Drivers
Shelby Farrell
[Subaru Ambassador]

I'll never forget the sound the blinker made in my Grandpa's Subaru Legacy. That was the first Subie I encountered. The car smelt of salty ocean air and his old schnauzer, it was perfect. My cousin is still driving it to this day! I bought my first Subaru while living in Vermont. I was working at a ski resort and needed a vehicle that could get me up the treacherous access road in all conditions. My Imprezas never failed! (Even without snow tires!)


Jason Gerhart

I took the helm on majority of our first 3-month road trip. Driving 15,000 miles around the USA in our 2018 Subaru Outback, camping along the way. My wife, Shelby, is a great driver, but truly a magnificent co-pilot! I believe you form a bond with your Subie no matter if you're crawling through gnarly backcountry terrain in X-Mode or enjoying a chill cruise control ride down a scenic byway. Not to mention, the Subaru community is amazing.

Todd the cat

Who says car rides are just for dogs?! This little guy loves adventure, and although he still has to work on his harness skills, he's a great fluffy snuggle buddy in the tent. Definitely a backseat driver though... meow.